GST-SST Transition Seminar



Date : 2 weeks after SST guides from the authority is available*  

*Terms and conditions are applied

Location : Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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/01 New government announced plans to abolish GST within 100 days and reintroduce SST 

/02 Submit GST-03 as usual and start for transition

/03 Learn about SST-GST transition

/04 Wait for SST guideline from relevant authority. Submit GST-03 if no guideline is provided

/05 Learn about SST in depth and prepare for compliance

How to handle GST-SST transition effectively?

  •  Learn how to deal with GST Closure
  •  Prepare for new SST

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    Day 1: 7 Steps To Cease from GST

    GST Era Related Documents

    To recommend a list of documents to keep and provide remedies in regards to old records

    Procedure to cease

    To lay out the proper procedure before and after the effective date of GST being ceased

    Matters to note

    Handle post-GST era related GST issues. Eg: Compliance matters and queries

    Outstanding GST Era issues

    Ways to handle outstanding issues if there is any

    Transitional process

    GST to SST related treatments

    Change of documents/accounting

    Recommended course of actions to deal with accounting & documentation

    Checklist: Once GST is ceased officially

    To provide participants a checklist

    Day 2: 6 Steps to Prepare For SST

    Introduction to SST

    To walkthrough the basics of SST

    SST Mechanism

    To understand the SST system in depth

    Implementation Process

    Step-by-step implementation approaches to develop strong framework

    Accounting & Documentation

    Develop proper accounting & documentation to facilitate sturdy SST compliance


    SST related submission and pitfalls to watch out

    Matters to Note

    Recommended course of actions and remedies for the pitfalls 


    We’re still finalizing our full slate of speakers, but here’s just to show who’s already on board. 

    Dato' Vimmy Yap

    GST & SST Chief Advisor


    • Developed GST Implementation framework in 2010 for Multi-national companies & SMEs  
    • Seasoned GST trainer who has trained more than 9,000 participants  
    • Panelist for GST Conference 2016  
    • GST Tax Agent licensed by Ministry of Finance Completed MyGCAP Reviewer course (New)  

    Chan H.L

    GST Trainer

    • Handhold Malaysian businesses through the SST-GST transitional period in year 2014 & 2015
    • Led GST implementation cases for various nature and size of businesses such as construction, manufacturing, service, hotel, retailing and trading industry
    • Seasoned GST trainer who has trained more than 5,000 participants
    • Expertise is in GST Return Review and GST Implementation  

    Agnes Wong

    Managing Partner of Syarikat Ong Group of Companies

    • A seasoned accountant involved in corporate registration and structure, corporate tax advisory & compliance
    • Lead GST implementation & consultation  
    • Frequently invited for speaking opportunities to over thousands of participants at property talks and events hosted by developers 
    • International speaking stint include being one of the panel speaker for Property Guru who showcase Malaysian Properties in Singapore. 


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